The Tri-Valley Food Drive (July 18-31st, 2016) held in Dublin, Livermore and Pleasanton in July 2016 collected 3790  pounds of food from the community.  The food was delivered to local food pantries in the Tri-Valley.

Thank you to all who participated!

CityServe of the Tri-Valley


Camp Parks VBS


15 students and 4 adults made for a great day of cleaning inside and outside at the Kaleidoscope After-School Program.  All floors, bathrooms, windows, shells and table tops sparkled.  Outside cleaning involved much pruning of iris plants, tree branches and ivy, raking leaves and composting.

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Here are some of the early ways lives have been touched:

  • 3 cars donated, repaired by volunteers and provided to two needy single moms and one homeless man in the Tri -Valley!

  • Homeless man out of work over 2 years coached in job search – now has 2 jobs, a car and renting a room!

  • Job search coaching being offered every other Wednesday at Open Heart Kitchen site in Livermore!

  • Homeless mother and young child provided shelter, other help and encouragement through the coordinated effort of 5 churches and just accepted into Shepherd’s Gate program.

We are thankful for the volunteers who met these needs with care and love.



It was a sign just like this in the hands of the young Hispanic man standing with his wife and two small children in front of the Pleasanton post office when I arrived there in early October. I stopped to share information with them about the food pantries and Open Heart Kitchen serving sites that are located close by. I wanted them to know they didn’t need to use donations for food needs; they could concentrate on the rent issue. In communicating the best we could, I came to understand they had moved from Southern California for work that didn’t happen and that it would really be best if they could get back to relatives and familiar ground in Southern California. They were living at Motel 6 and had $15 for the night’s room cost.

I ran through CityServe options and realized we were very close to Valley Community Church, and I had just worked with a deacon there to be part of a CityServe team helping another individual. I even had the deacon’s cell phone number in my phone! I called him and said, “We really need someone who can speak Spanish to talk with this man.”  Amazingly, he spoke Spanish!! Within one hour, the family had followed me to Valley Community Church where the couple met with the deacon and received gasoline and grocery store gift cards to get them “home.”

The couple repeated over and over “God bless you.”



Tom Blinn, a CityServe volunteer since 2009, proudly models his CityServe T-shirt. He serves each month at Asbury United Methodist Church, one of the Open Heart Kitchen serving sites in Livermore.  Tom is quick to share how much he enjoys making new friends both with his fellow volunteers and the Open Heart clients.  He values the opportunity to serve and lives by the motto on his shirt.  Through the years of serving at Open Heart Kitchen, Tom has many great stories to share.  Just ask him!


On Wednesday, we received a request from the Senior Support System of the Tri-Valley for a ramp to be built at a Pleasanton senior couple’s home.  The husband was not able to leave the home except by ambulance because of the inaccessibility of the home.  An ambulance had to be called for every medical appointment!  A team of guys from a CityServe church Bible study flew into action and visited the home to assess the work, and within 10 days, this beautiful ramp had been completed!  The senior couple can now navigate into and out of their home and are very grateful for this help!

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This Pleasanton single mom has needed a car for several months.  In August 2016 Bud Adams Auto Repair in Castro Valley graciously donated this Honda CRV to us, which we immediately transferred to her.



Gene B.,  a veteran who was in a hard spot, was referred to CityServe in May 2016. CityServe along with our church & non-profit partners helped him with motel nights while he awaited completion of housing in Fremont for veterans in need.  We provided food, bus & BART tickets for transportation to classes he needed to attend. In early August he moved into the new veteran housing!  And now we have transferred this donated vehicle to him so he will have transportation to work and to visit family!  Hallelujah for all we are doing together that we cannot do alone!!



I want to take this opportunity to say what a blessing the relationship is between all of you (Livermore churches), City Serve and the district. I am now able to serve and provide hope to so many more families. I was lucky enough yesterday to be able to help coordinate the donation of a washer and dryer to one of my families, and worked with Sara from Our Savior Lutheran Church to help a mom be able to keep a roof over her head for a few more days. I feel really blessed to be a part of this wonderful community that serves our families.

Francee, Child Welfare and attendance