Highway to Work Paid Internship Program

You can Earn up to $5,000 for Work and School!!  This program is for Alameda County youth that are:

on Probation (age 14-17)
in Foster Care (age 14-17)
or CalWorks/CalLearn (age 14-19)

 You will gain opportunities such as:

150 hours toward a paid internship at $12.25/hr.
$12.25/hr. for credit recovery efforts
Money toward school, transportation, food

Bring the following documents: Photo ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate and Proof of Residency.  If you are under 18, bring your Parent/Guardian also.

When:  Orientations take place weekly but please call to set up an appt. before coming

Where: Vineyard High School campus, 1401 Almond Ave., Livermore and Valley High School campus, 6901 York Dr., Dublin.

Contact: Ande Pana, program mgr., at (510) 331-6931 or Melissa Gonzalez, administrator, at (925) 961-8045 to see if you qualify.