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Grief Care Series & VCM Oncology Center Cancer Support Group


Grief Care Support Group offers hope and encouragement for those who have experienced the death of a loved one.   We host an eight-week series twice each year, as well as monthly potlucks between sessions. When: twice yearly, eight-week series Where: 348 North Canyons Pkwy, Livermore  More Information: email us at     Cancer Care Ministry

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Divorce Care – VCC


Valley Christian Center offers a divorce care class to all those struggling with divorce issues.  Last class will be 8/31/17.  New fall classes will begin in October. To register or find more information, contact Tawni Garcia at

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GriefShare – Valley Christian Church, Dublin


At Valley Christian Center, we believe that no one should do life alone! That’s why we’re offering GriefShare again this summer. It’s a support group, led by experienced facilitators, designed specifically for those going through one of the most difficult seasons of life…grieving the loss of a loved one. When: Sundays, 1:00 pm – 3:00

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Stepping Stones on Your Grief Journey – St. Elizabeth Seton


The death of a loved one is unlike any other loss. Whether the death was sudden and tragic, or one with warning and preparation, the reality of death leaves most of us in a state of shock, confusion and sadness. Grieving people need time and space to honor their grief. Join us and let us accompany you on

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Crisis Support Services- Grief Counseling Services


CSS provides low-fee counseling to adults who are bereaved or affected by the traumatic loss through suicide, homicide, or sudden loss. Our support groups for suicide survivors and those who have attempted suicide are vital for isolated and at-risk individuals during times of loss. Individual, Group & Family Grief Counseling services are provided by counselors

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GriefShare Support Group


A GriefShare Support Group is held at CrossWinds Church in Pleasanton .  The class will start with a video on one of the aspects of grief.  It is hoped that the discussions and sharing will help move your grief journey from mourning to joy. When:   10:30 AM- Noon, Classroom 1 (and continues  for 13

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Ministry of Care – Grief Support – St. Raymond Church, Dublin


The mission of this ministry is to be the center of the circle that will surround our parishioners and family members during their time of loss and grief. The smallest gift of time will ripple outward and forever affect the memory and feeling of support the family members can have. There are so many areas

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Hope Hospice Grief Support Groups serving Adults, Children and Teens


The goal of our Grief Support Center (GSC) is to help you understand the nuances of grief as well as to learn healthy coping skills. Our programs offer opportunities for individuals of all ages to explore issues around their grieving process as well as sharing your grief with others who are experiencing similar feelings. It

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Abortion Recovery- Valley Pregnancy Center


Are you hurting from a past abortion? If so, we want to help. Valley Pregnancy Center offers  Abortion Recovery Bible Study Groups  for both women and men struggling with feelings of loss or regret from a past abortion(s).   Through these groups, many women and men have found resolution and freedom.  Individual sessions are also

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Healing Tears- CrossWinds


Confidential women's group for those with painful abortion experiences.  For more information, please email. Contact: email Sharon or call (510) 697-2505

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