FCI Dublin GED Tutors/Musicians

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The women’s prison is in need of GED tutors to meet once or twice a week to help with Language, Reading, Social Studies, Math and Science.  They are also looking for a choir director/musicians to assist with instrument training and help create a  music program.  Volunteers are required to attend training and undergo a background

Voice Outside the Wall (prison ministry)

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This gathering is for families that have been devastated by the incarceration of a loved one. The group will help families understand what to expect after someone they care about has been arrested, and how to cope before, during, and after their sentence. This is a safe and confidential environment. When: last monday of each

Mentor Program at Women’s Federal Correctional Inst. (FCI)

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This program aims to help inmates with a plan of action prior to release for successfully reintegrating back into the community. Women volunteers will initially meet with the FCI Mentor Coordinator, pass a background clearance, and receive training  (usually held in the evening). Mentors will meet with the inmate once a week or every other

Open Arms Transitional Care

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Contribute your gift of graphics, writing, prayer, organization, or communication to this newly formed faith-based group developing a resource network to enable jail and prison inmates to successfully transition from incarceration back to their families and communities. When:  2nd Saturday morning of ea. month (next one is May 11th) Where:  2333 Nissen Dr. , Livermore

Santa Rita Jail

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Join the growing team taking the light of God’s Word to men and women incarcerated at this Dublin facility. Training and orientation classes are provided on a quarterly basis. Where:  Santa Rita Jail chaplain's office (925) 551-6793 Contact:  email Linda Lopes  or call (925) 560-6253