Tri-Valley Regional Hiring Events

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There are two hiring events happening in the Tri-Valley this spring.  Both are filled with full-time career or career-ladder positions.  The dates and locations are below.  Here’s what you need to do to get prepared for them: Pre-register for the events: Here for Livermore Here for Dublin Send a resume or two (if you are

Family Emergency Shelter Coalition, FESCO

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Founded in 1986, Family Emergency Shelter Coalition, (FESCO) by a coalition of area churches and community members in Mid-Alameda County serves low/extremely low-income homeless families with food, emergency, transitional, and permanent housing and supportive services in furtherance  of its mission to move these families towards self-sufficiency and permanent housing. FESCO serves single mothers with children,

Homeless and Caring Court

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This free program allows clients who are motivated and actively working to end their homelessness to pursue dismissal of outstanding non-violent infractions and misdemeanor legal offenses without jail time or fines.  Clients who can prove both financial need and personal life progress, such as housing, income, job/search, substance abuse classes, parenting classes, volunteering, etc. are eligible

Breakfast serving local homeless, transitionally unemployed, and fixed income seniors

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Kitchen helpers, servers and food donations are needed for this breakfast, held every Sunday morning to serve the homeless and low income in our community (usually between 50-60 people).  Building relationships with our guests is one of our goals and we try to join them at the tables and eat alongside them.  The food is all donated by our

East Oakland Community Project

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This multi-service organization offers emergency and transitional housing in Alameda County.  It operates Crossroads, (Emergency Housing)  , Transitional Family Housing (Matilda Cleveland and Families in Transition, FIT program)  and Our House , Young Adult Housing (for 18- 25 years old )   in Alameda County.    Apply through Alameda County Housing and Support Services (CHASS) at 24100

Alameda County Community Housing and Support Services

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Apply through Alameda County Community Housing and Support Services, (CHASS)  at the following locations: Alameda County Social Services, 24100 Amador Street,Hayward, (510) 670-6000      Eastmont Self-Sufficiency Center 6955 Foothill Blvd, Ste. 100, Oakland, (888) 999-4772 or (510) 383-5300 

Alameda County Health Care for Homeless Program

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Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless Program (ACHCHP) is a federally-funded 330(h) Health Care for the Homeless program that provides health care and case management services to homeless persons throughout Alameda County since 1988. ACHCHP provides case management,  referrals to  mobile medical clinics (Berkeley, Oakland) , visiting shelters, meal sites, transitional and recovery housing

ESTA (Emergency Short Term Assistance)

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Emergency short term assistance is funded entirely by a group of Livermore churches.  The criteria for receiving financial assistance, which is very restrictive, is established by the contributing churches. When an individual, in need, contacts a Livermore church they will be given a letter and asked to contact the churches liaison at the Tri-Valley Haven

Dublin Police Department Ministerial Fund

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Currently two Dublin churches contribute to a fund which provides food gift cards and/or a one-night stay at a hotel in Pleasanton.  A request can only be made once a year. Those in need contact a church representative who provides them with an approval letter.  The letter is taken to the Dublin Police Department and

Pleasanton Police Department Ministerial Fund

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Individuals, in need, often go to a local church for help when they are in an emergency situation.  If the church deems appropriate, they will present the individual with a letter and refer them  to the Pleasanton Police Department for a voucher. Vouchers can only be requested once a year. Vouchers, for food, gas, and